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Custom MS Access Development

We specialize in MS Access custom development.  Several years ago it was widely claimed that Access was dying a slow death and
would soon be completely dead.  


That forecast did not turn out to be true.  Microsoft released Azure, which allows Access programs to run in the Cloud.  That means Access programs can run anywhere, and run on platforms other than Windows.  

Two businessmen review review MS Access programming project
Complex set of gears symbolizing MS Access programming

Azure breathed new life into Access.  In many ways Access, with its VBA language, is superior to other programming.  It is good at getting a program up and running fast, that is loaded with features.  Plus it can tap into the entire Windows API, which means that it can
produce any program desired.

Due to all of the false information about Access, many companies discontinued their Access programs and went over to using Web development with its use of other programming languages (C#, Java, JavaScript, and so on).  The other languages take more effort and time than what Access requires.  They cost more, but on the plus side can be more elegant and creative.  If a client wants a Web program done, we can do that too.  But it is not as cost effective as producing programs in Access that run on top of Azure.  It all depends on what the client wants.

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