Vancouver Data Technology


Steve White, owner, software engineer specializing in MS Access programming and MS Access development

Steve White

Steve White

Owner / Software Engineer


Vancouver Resident with 20+ years
Experience in MS Access, Excel, and SQL Server

Vancouver Data Technology was founded by
Steve White.
He worked at Microsoft and Boeing
for a number of years  before establishing
his own business here in Vancouver.
Steve is a long-time resident of Vancouver, with
deep roots in Clark County.  His ancestors were

some of the original settlers who cleared the land.
He graduated from the University of Washington
with B.S. degrees in Physics and Mathematics.

Industry Innovation

Member of Development Team for Cutting-Edge Projects

Steve works on some of the most innovative projects in the programming world.  He was one of the three original team members who developed "Microsoft Ink", which handles hand-written text. 
Writing code for Microsoft Ink is far more complex than for a
regular word processor that displays type-written text.

arm and hand of male in plaid shirt using laptop for MS Access programming and custom database programming
Steve White, owner, software engineer specializing in MS Access development and custom database programming

MS Access Programming

Steve Gives His Personal Attention and Oversight
to Every Programming Project

Today Steve specializes in Microsoft Access programming.
MS Access is a very powerful tool for developing custom
business applications.  Steve's goal is to do all work on every project,
but for large projects he can pull in part time Independent Contractors.  Steve
will manage all work and be responsible for it, to maintain high quality standards.
Careful attention will be given to individual clients.