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The following is a list of MS Access programs that have some of the more commonly requested features.
  In each case, just some of the highlights are mentioned.  The programs were much more elaborate than
what is briefly mentioned here.  They serve as an idea of what can be done.  If you desire special features
that are not mentioned here, feel free to get in touch and discuss your project in more depth. 

Some companies have unique, creative ideas and request that a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
be signed.  That is okay and we will honor it.

Container Shipping Company's software page, an example of MS Access programming

Container Shipping Company

Comprehensive Project with Data Mining

A container shipping company funded the development
of a very advanced MS Access program, over a several year period of time.  The program was used by several different branches within the company for purchase orders,
inventory, work flow, reports, and other operations. After a
few years, a lot of data had accumulated in the database
and data mining was performed. Upper management tapped into the data using Excel, performed mathematical operations, and produced graphs of various types.  They were able to forecast trends and predict business cycles using the data. 

Healthcare Company

MS Access for Drug Tracking Inventory

A  healthcare company's Access program was used for
inventory tracking of drugs.  Labels and detailed reports
were produced, as well.  After data had accumulated
for a few years, upper management performed
data mining and produced reports and graphs to predict
future trends.  It is common for upper management to do data mining, taking advantage of the large body of data
that has accumulated in the database.

image of medical stethescope, pills, mask - to represent a healthcare company who ordered MS Access programming
This digital input form, made for MS Rental Agency , is an example of custom data programming

Rental Agency

 Custom Client Intake Form

A rental agency had an interesting program that was designed from scratch by upper management and by us. The program made use of special features in MS Access that allowed fields to be locked, so that no data could be entered into them.  Depending on what was selected on the first page of the Client Intake Form, later features would either be locked or unlocked.  This made it easier for those doing data input to keep track of which fields needed data input to be added.  Various
other powerful features were built into the program.

Ocean Equipment Company

 MS Access for Vital Company Functions

An ocean equipment company has an Access program
that is used by most branches of the company.  It is used
for purchase orders, payables, receivables, employee
payroll, project tracking, and so forth. The Access program
is a vital part of company operations, which is oftentimes
seen with Access programs. Many bugs were fixed and
new features were added to the program.

Custom purchasing software of Ocean Equipment Company, an example of custom Access development
Custom sales report page for a Retail Sales Company, is an example of MS Access development

Retail Sales Company

Bug Fixes & Streamlined Operations

A project for a retail sales company started with a partially built program that was full of problems.  Lots of bugs had
to be fixed and various non-intuitive operations had to be
streamlined.  It was a full featured business program that handled inventory, purchase orders, suppliers, shippers, employees, and reports.  It was designed to operate with
a scanner gun, making it easy to input purchase order
and other info by reading bar codes.

Marketing Company 

Usability Improvements to Existing Program

A marketing company started with a built program that was in good shape.  They wanted various new features added. Improvements were made to screen designs, making the program more intuitive and easier to operate. New functionality was added to speed up the program, allowing users to get more work done in a shorter period of time.  Various other usability enhancements were done to the program.

Pictographic menu on employee home page is an example of MS Access development
depressed girl sitting on window sill, represents an oganization that had custom data programming done

Agency That Helps Troubled Teens

HIPAA Compliant Tracking of Patients

This project was for an agency that works with troubled
teens.  The program had to be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.  It was primarily used for creating and tracking information. 
Notes were recorded for single therapy sessions
and team therapy sessions of various types. 
Also, detailed forms were filled out by counselors and stored in the database. Due to HIPAA requirements,
if any changes were made to an official document,
a previous version had to be stored.

Company That Makes Ice Cream

Access Program for Custom Functions

A company that makes ice cream had an Access program that was used for tracking sales and other purposes, that needed various improvements.  One feature that was improved was a special rewards program for outlets that had the best sales.  Another feature was for tracking vending machines that needed repair work done.  As is the case with most companies, their custom Access program performed important functions for the company and was easy to use.

icecream in a bowl, represets an ice cream company who ordered custom access development